Announcement: Now available on Flathub!

Hey everyone! This is just a quick announcement for those that are on Linux.

With the release of v0.1.0 a few days ago, I needed to follow up on a promise that I made to a few people who were asking if the game would be available via Flathub, to which I answered "yes, but when the game is no longer in beta".

On a completely unrelated note, now that the game is no longer in beta, I am happy to announce that you can now download Tabletop Club from Flathub! This means that if you are on a distribution of Linux that supports Flatpaks, you can now download the game straight from your software manager:

A screenshot of Tabletop Club being shown in the GNOME Software Centre.

Tabletop Club being shown in the GNOME Software Centre on Fedora, not pictured was my very excited face making weird squealing noises.

That's it for now! For those that are wondering if and when the game will be coming out on other platforms (for example, Steam), the answer is probably a bit later down the line - mostly because one needs to pay a fee in order to publish their games there. If you wish to support the project, and help get it published elsewhere, any and all donations right here on are graciously accepted!

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