Release: v0.1.1

Hey, everyone! Apologies for the long wait, but the first update for Tabletop Club is finally here! partying_face

This is a relatively small patch which fixes a few bugs that players had found, as well as adding new translations from the community - in fact, so many translations were submitted that you can now play the game in both Chinese (Simplified) and Polish! grin A huge thank you to everyone that contributed since the initial release, you guys are awesome!

Once again, apologies for this patch taking so long to get out - I had taken a break from developing the game after its initial release, but once I was ready to work on it again, I suddenly got super ill and couldn't work on the game for longer than ten minutes at a time, which was super aggravating... the issues still persist today, but thankfully they are a lot less limiting than they were. Now that the patch is out, I'm gonna try my best to work on the first major update, v0.2.0, but development may be a bit slower than anticipated due to my health.

So what has been changed, I hear you ask? Well, as it turns out I have a list of things that have been changed since the initial release right here! What are the chances??



  • Added Chinese (Simplified), Polish as playable languages!


  • All links to the documentation now go to the stable version by default, rather than the latest version.
  • The game will not longer allow stacks containing only one item to be made in the stacks.cfg file.
  • Updated translations from the community.
  • Object metadata shown in tooltips in the objects menu is now truncated if it is too long.


  • Fixed an escape character error in the description of the music track "Lobby Time - Kevin MacLeod".
  • Viewing the stable version of the documentation now shows the correct version instead of "master" in the title.
  • Fixed non-ASCII characters not displaying in error and warning messages in the import log.

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Version 0.1.1 Jun 06, 2023

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