Release: v0.1.0 Beta 3

Hello again, I bring thoust another beta build! partying_face

This update is a lot smaller than Beta 2, since I've mostly been revamping a particular feature of the game: the notebook. Now, not only are you able to view other player's notebooks by clicking their name in multiplayer, you can also make pages with images! These pages act a lot like PDF forms, where there are configurable textboxes over the image. This should be ideal for keeping track of scores for complicated games, or for creating things like character sheets in RPGs. Please feel free to try the new notebook out, and let me know what you think!

But you know what project has had a big update? Godot! The long-anticipated Godot 4.0 came out just a few days ago, and I just wanted to say congratulations to everyone that has contributed to this amazing engine. I may be a little biased when I say this, but in my opinion it is one of the best open-source projects ever made, and this update is a huge step in solidifying Godot's place in the game development world, not just for indie developers like myself, but for big studios as well! crossed_fingers

So you may be asking, will Tabletop Club use Godot 4? The answer is yes... eventually. Right now the main focus for v0.1.0 is stability and the odd new feature here and there, and v0.2.0 being quality-of-life features and accessibility, so I've decided to stick with Godot 3.x for the time being, at least until Godot has hopefully become a lot more stable with 4.1 later this year. Plus, the conversion itself will take a long time, which presents an opportunity to re-write the code, and I've already got a bunch of ideas to optimise the game when the time comes.

Once again, thank you to everyone who contributed! Thanks to your efforts, the game is now also playable in Spanish! ¡Muchas gracias! hugs

As per usual, you can contact me via Mastodon or Twitter, and you can download the update from, where you can also leave a comment and donate to the project!



  • Now show an icon next to stacks in the objects menu to distinguish them from singular objects.
  • Can now set notebook pages to be public, allowing other players to view them by clicking on the player's name below the room code.
  • Notebook pages can now have an image in the background, with a set of predefined textboxes in front of the image. (#218)
  • Added the templates/ directory to asset packs, allowing for the creation of both text-based and image-based page templates.
  • Can now zoom in and out of notebook pages.
  • Added a generic "Score Card" template to the default asset pack.
  • Can now play the game in Spanish.


  • The notebook dialog has been made wider.
  • Updated translations from the community.


  • Fixed cards and tokens sometimes spawning from stacks in the wrong orientation in multiplayer.

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Version 0.1.0-beta3 Mar 06, 2023 67 MB
Version 0.1.0-beta3 Mar 06, 2023 61 MB
Version 0.1.0-beta3 Mar 06, 2023 76 MB
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Version 0.1.0-beta3 Mar 06, 2023

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