Announcement: Discord and Matrix servers are now live!

Hey everyone!

With the release of v0.1.0 just around the corner, I wanted to finally get around to setting up community servers for the game, which has been highly requested for some time now. The reason it's taken this long is mostly because I've been super nervous about moderating it, and "what if"-ing all the possible things that could go wrong.

Now, not only am I feeling more prepared mentally, but the game is about to hit its first major milestone since its inception in mid-2020, and the project as a whole is going to be in a new stage of development. Once v0.1.0 is released, my main focus will be on improving the foundations of the game and making it as accessible and as useful to as many players as possible, and and I need your help to do that! I'm counting on the fact that having more places to chat and interact with you all will not only benefit the development of the game, but also my motivation to keep working on it and making it as good as it can be.

So if you want a safe, welcoming space to chat with other players not only about the game, but video games and board games in general, or if you want to share and download custom asset packs, or if you just want to chill and hang out with cool people, you can now join the official Discord and Matrix servers using these links!

Thank you for waiting patiently, and I'll hopefully chat to some of you soon! <3

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I think the matrix room is set to private.


Apologies for that, I've just set it to public, you should be able to access it now!